"THE TIMELESS RHYTHMS OF TRUE                                                                                                                                                                                            ''FINALLY THE KEY TO TRUE PLANETARY MOTIONS AND CYCLICAL CLIMATIC MANIFESTATIONS  IS HERE!"...                       

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"The idea that the plane of the planets around the sun is orthogonal (perpendicular) to the plane of the sun's orbit makes sense, and is consistent with the behavior of magnets and electricity. If the earth (and all the other planets) align with the magnetic field external to the sun's path, we would certainly expect magnetic reversals twice every 26000-year cycle. We would expect all the planets to reverse at about the same time. And if we know the direction of this field, we should be able to predict when these reversals will occur."

Greg Volk ~World Science Database

 "This book has been my inspiration for the last 2 years , my co-worker thought I was crazy now they are starting to listen . Every thing has its own time and place, the weather effects us all, and all that exist upon the earth. Thank you and Thanks to your father for his work, blessing to you."

Henry Daniels ~Subscriber

"Thank-you so much!! I think its great that you are passing on your Fathers legacy, his life work... For your father who invested 30 years plus years of dedication to this subject...That alone would be motivation for anyone:) I am so glad that you did put this information out there! "

Sara Englin~ Subscriber