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Posted on January 10, 2014 at 2:55 PM

Letter to media:

Greetings ,

I am a local Wash., DC  resident who  co-authored and published  a very timely book entitled ‘TRUE PLANETARY MOTIONS and RHYTHMIC CLIMATIC CHANGES’ on behalf of my late Father who died leaving his 30 years works on the subject of never before deduced long term cyclical climatic changes based on true planetary motions and solar migrations.  I published the book in late 2010 and it was censored by the global warming alarmists as it clarifies the when, why and how of the coming ice-age, swings to hot spells, magnetic reversals  and cyclical manifestations over millennia based  on his projections of accurate first time ever long term climatic forecasting.  I am sending the link here to the press release and with hope that I may be given an opportunity to be interviewed on this very important revelation and discovery!   I have also included a newly produced video for your consideration.

Here is the Youtube channel I dedicated to this timely topic:


Here is the link on the press release  for the book, please contact me to chat on this , sincerely thankful!

Best Regards,

H. L. Look-Yat Taylor

 contact : 240-701-2911