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The Pendulum Timeclock on Long Term Climatic Changes

Posted on April 26, 2015 at 8:00 PM

The Pendulum Timeclock of Longterm Climate Changes

by Helen Look-Yat Taylor

September 6th, 2011

  According to the climatic time clock, (long term climatic), projected by my father's discovery of true planetary motions,particlarly of our star, the sun, it dictates that every notch on the 25,000 year solar orbital cycle represents approximately 2,083 years whereas we are now at 6:30 moving anti-clockwise on the imaginary planetary or solar orbital path and that leaves us within 1000 years from the next scheduled ice-age in less than 1,000 years in the year 3000 AD! The previous ice-age being 11,000 years ago,and the one before that 12,0000 years ago and so on in reverse time to time imemmorial.  

Man is still baffled as to long term climatic models, still using ice cores dug out from the poles, carbon isotopes, dated extracts from under sea volcanic residues, tree barks, and all sorts of methods to try to predict climatic long term models.   Al Gore and the "GREENIES" are so upset to find out that the planet is going to be COOLING in the next decades as it has been since the last hot spell 5,000 years ago! The hockey stick  chartings they went livid mad about showing slight variations in warming since the last downspiralling of global temperatures a century or more ago is a false reading or interpretation of so called global warming and sadly will make even NASA, AL GORE with his falsley earned Nobel prize for his false predictions in his book AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, Jim Hansen of NASA IN HIS BOOK OF CERTAIN DOOM FROM "GLOBAL WARMING", and the whole gang of PAC for this false reading look like fools!   I CRINGE WHEN LOOKING ON THINKING OF THE TRILLIONS BEING SPENT ON STOPPING GLOBAL WARMING, (or climate change itself), WHAT A FARCE!

 WHAT WE ARE WITNESSING TODAY (OUTSIDE OF WEATHER MANIPULATIONS BY MAN)is the natural progression of cyclic climatic manifestations, nothing more , nothing less. The only factor as my father stated that will throw the whole applecart off its balance is if man decides to play god and tamper with the weather or heat up the earth' s core to offset the coming ICE-AGE!   Frightengingly this is actually what is occuring with HAARP technology for over thirty years, the Russians and now the United States having dabbled in that technology ever since!  The intrusion of earthquake technology warfare and other man made catastrophic implementations is the oddball of the natural progression of climate as deemed inevitable from time immemorial based on the positioning of our planet relative to the sun's spiral orbit on the inner hub of our galaxy with us and our galactic neighbours caught in perfect orchestrated waltz along with it!

This discovery of my father's projections of exact solar long term rhythmic paths on the inner hub of our galaxy accurately predicts climatic changes over extreme long term cycles by showing the systematic positioning of our sun and the known planets in the ages old waltz exhibiting not only cyclical ice-ages like clockwork, hot spells in exact increments in contrast to the ice-ages exactly six thousand, five hundred years apart, but as importantly MAGNETIC POLE REVERSALS, which happen in unison with the ice-ages, exactly as illustrated in his drawings making it beautifully exact and simple to predict long term climatic changes for eons to come!     This discovery is a milestone for mankind, a charting in the road ahead to preparing for cyclical climatic manifestations from lifespan to lifespan, 6,500 years apart. (almost similar to the Mayan warnings, except they are 1,000 years short of the next catastrophic climatic climax of the ice-age, as their calculations were just 5,000 years each as opposed to 6,500 as in my father's climate model.)

The accurate individual solar cycles are 6,500 years ( there are four (4) of these cycles in my father's projections totalling the larger macro 25,000 years cycles.   So being that we are now at 2,000 AD plus, the previous 3,500 years BC revealed the last HOTSPELL which killed off most living things prior to the resurgence of life being replenished again occuring on schedule just after the thawing of the last ice-age, 11,000 years ago. Thus 3,500BC +2011 AD =5,511~ thus leaving mankind just 989 years away from the next cycle of the ICE- AGE! (moving anti-clockwise on the climatic timeclock) at 6:00 ON THE NOSE IN THE YEAR 3,000 this climaxes the end of this 6,500 year story of mankind! Every 6,500 years cycle a climatic catastrophe wipes out the human race. This is scheduled to occur by the year 3000 in LESS THAN 1,000 years!   Mankind will then perish, some may survive to replenish the planet,like Noah of the Bible who survived after the last ice-age deluge of the MELTINGS as the last HOTSPELL arrived in 4000 BC, just after the last ice- age,to replenish the earth 5,500 years ago.

There is nothing new, mystical or Biblical about this era, it is just the natural progression of time, climate cycles and destruction and renewal that has occured from time immemorial. It is like clockwork, world governments must know this! The SPACE RACE and their NEW WORLD ORDER has 1,000 years!!!!! PERIOD!!!

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